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Notice of complaint

March 12, 2019 by admin


By the Article 6. of the Act on the provision of tourism services (Croatia) and Article 10. Paragraph 2 of the Customer protection Act (Croatia), in the event of any complaints about the provided services, please inform us in written on one of the following addresses:



Address: Ivana Meštrovića 25, 21327 Podgora


Received complaint will be confirmed with no delay.

Written reply will be received no later than 15 days after the receipt of the complaint. It is necessary to provide us with your contact address.

The Agency may postpone the deadline for handling the complaint for another 15 days for gathering information and confirming the allegations with the service provider or the service organizer. Until the Agency reaches a decision, at the latest 30 days from the complaint being submitted, the Guest renounces the mediation of any other institution or a court, and renounces the right to give out any information to an official publication or the media. Likewise, within the same 30-day period, the Guest renounces the right of action.

A proportional decrease in price by a complaint can only be as high as the price of the unutilized portion of the services, and compensation for not fulfilling, partially fulfilling or incompetently fulfilling services is limited to the price of the programme. Hereby the Guest’s right to the compensation of actual damage is precluded.

In case of a dispute, applicability of law and jurisdiction over the head office of the tourist agency, the service organizer or the service provider are used.