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Booking and payment methods

March 12, 2019 by admin


After selecting prefered programme there are several options for booking your accommodation, excursion, package tour or any other service. Book through e-mail, social media networks, telephone call or booking form you can find next to programme description.

E-mail: Send an inquiry about accommodation facility, package tour, excursion or service of your interest (name and surname, number of guests, date and the name of excursion/package tour or other service), and we will send you an answer with detailed information about availability, booking options and payment methods.

Booking form: Every service offered on webpage comes with booking form that you need to fill in with requested information. By clicking send, we received your inquiry and you will get an answer with detailed information about availability, booking options and payment methods.



Transaction payment can be made by general payment agent or Internet banking.

After the accepted program, we will send you a quote which has all payment details.

The cost of bank transfers is carried out by the traveler in full.

Payment in foreign currency (€)

Payments can be made in Croatian Kuna. For converting in kuna, the credit card will be charged in the amount obtained by the conversion of the valid exchange rate of Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.. When charging the credit card, the same amount is converted based on exchange rate of credit card company. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated on our website.

Payment in local currency (kn)

All payments will be calculated in HRK. The amount billed to the credit card is converted into local currency at the exchange rate.

Terms of sale

All prices stated on this website ( include taxes and benefits stated in each program. Prices are stated in kuna (HRK) and euro (€). Any optional supplements (such as additional fees etc.) are clearly indicated.

Before paying and confirming the reservation, we advise you to read our Terms and Conditions. The stated information contains all necessary information such as contract agreement, payment due dates and description for each type of tour, general service information as well as customers right to terminate the contract by the Article 45 of the Consumer Protection Act as well as possible termination period, situations that exclude the right of the Guest to terminate the contract and terms for complaints or refunds.

In the booking process, you can correct your information before finalizing the payment. Our Terms and Conditions as the tour contract are available in PDF document which we can send by e-mail.

Statement of protection, use, and collection of personal data

FLUCTUS TRAVEL online travel agency, commits to protect private information provided by its customers, in a way of gathering only the necessary and basic information about the users that we are required to have in order to fulfill our obligations; informs the clients about the use of data, gives

the clients a choice of using their data on regular basis, including the possibility of choosing whether they want their name to be removed from the marketing campaign lists. All of the client’s data is closely kept and it’s available only to the employees who need this information in order to perform their duties. All of the FLUCTUS TRAVEL employees and business partners are obliged to respect the privacy protection principles.